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Carlijn van Mosselveld

Carlijn has been active with movement from a very young age as she has been practicing gymnastics and dancing as of the age of 4. When she was 11 she got accepted to the Dance Academy and from there she developed herself into the professional field of dancing. Later she added acting and singing and was a Musical performer for several years.


After an onstage career she decided to make a career switch and ended up at The Little Gym where she was teaching children and their parents everything about child development through playful gymnastics classes. She has been a teacher at The Little Gym for 13 years and developed herself also in the role as a general manager of The Little Gym Amsterdam. 


Yoga came into her life about 12 years ago and she has been practicing all kinds of yoga styles since then. With her background in gymnastics and dancing yoga felt immediately like a homecoming practice. 


To deepen her own practice she joined a Hatha-Vinyasa Teacher Training and she immediately fell in love with teaching yoga. She will always be a student and a teacher as yoga is a never ending story where there is always more to learn. Yin and fascia therapy training is already on her calendar for this year.


In January 2023 she also started studying to become a Dance therapist and her goal is to integrate everything she is learning into her classes. The word ‘yoga’ means ‘union’ and her teaching style is aimed at finding that union between body and mind, creating balance. Carlijn wants to make everyone joining her class feeling empowered and strong and more connected with the body, mind and the inner world. 

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