Fleur Overgaag

Fleur was born in Delft and has been living in Amsterdam for a number of years. After her acting education she received her propedeuse Psychology and actually liked too many things.


She works freelance as voice-over and at various luxury restaurants.


More active forms of yoga were always her favorite, but after a number of Yoga Nidra classes, these became her favorite. Practicing Yoga Nidra several times a week, and later even daily, helped her deal with fear, reconnecting with her intuition and being much more relaxed and free in life. When the Yoga Nidra training was over, she did not hesitate for a moment to do so and to look for the depth of her own practice.


Giving a lesson might be a nice extra but not the first intention. The further the training followed, the more she realized that she wanted to share this knowledge and o so special way of relaxation with people, and she is happy to do so now.


She prefers to give everyone in the world a Yoga Nidra session as a gift.

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