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Kirtan met Tobias en Remy

Kom mantra's zingen met Tobias en Remy

Voor wie?

Voor degenen die houden van (mantra's) zingen.


Kirtan is een vorm van bhakti yoga, de yoga van de toewijding. 

In this 3-hour workshop we will playfully work to define your yoga business based on targeted questions and exercises. We map out your personal 'who, what and why' so that you are able to give direction to your yoga business. Be challenged and go home with the tools to put your Yoga Bizz Mandala into practice.


Ellen Roggeveen is a strategist specializing in branding & positioning. Her background is publisher/editor-in-chief. She is also a yin yoga teacher and writes for Yoga Magazine, among others.


€ 75 excl. VAT


Reyn voor Lichaam en Geest op Zeeburgerpad 74

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