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Leah Kline

Léah Kline is a Certified 500-Hour Anusara® Professor of Hatha Yoga, Continuing Education; Registered Yoga Teacher, CE-RYT, Artist, Singer, Poet. Léah, based in Amsterdam, works as an independent teacher and mentor providing yoga classes, masterclasses, training , mentorships, retreats and Savasana concerts for students, teachers and studios.


She is a professional jazz vocalist and performing artist and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree specializing in movement. With 30 years of teaching experience, she has built a deep and intuitive understanding of the human body in motion, the vibrational effects of sound and silence on the body, and as an aid to healing. She credits her combined experiences/knowledge** for her ability to explain how to touch and direct the human body to its natural energy and to recognize signs of organic movement, resistance and energetic directions. ** (in Anatomy, Physiology, Kineseology, Injury Prevention, Yoga Therapy, Martha Graham Training, Contact Improvisation, Massage Techniques, Universal Principles of Alignment ©, Partner Work in Yoga; Dance, Psychology, Singing and Trauma Work). Author of the book ~The Little Savasana Book (2022); Co-writer with Johan Noorloos for ~The New Yoga Book (2014) Yang Asana Technique).

Through all her training and years of teaching she has come to understand all different body types. And taken something useful from each of them. She offers options in her classes, so that less experienced and more experienced students can work at their own level. She finds that this helps people to listen to their bodies and make choices that suit them. This way you learn to follow different levels and know when to take a break and when to continue.


While she guides you through different yoga postures (asanas), pranayama (breathing) techniques and correct alignment, she brings yoga philosophy in her accessible and inspiring way and makes you aware of the observer, your intuition and that sense of wholeness, aliveness that belongs to daily life.. Themes you will most often find in her classes are: Authenticity, Truth, Gratitude, Compassion, Patience, Peace, Joy and Love.

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