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Recording  Core Sundays -

Last Masterclass Full Alignment

with Léah Kline

"Taking our time.  to feel is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves in the rushed society.  

And now with corona , can we see our own responsibility to continue in our isolation our crazy rushing,  that we don’t feel our freedom.  This class will be a beautiful well rounded class touching on the standing poses, the core work, thd healthy hips, the hand balances, even the backbends, there will be options for more advanced and options for the very beginner and I will talk you through the gateways of energy as a theme to find your inner divine strength.  The class is 2 hours but it will fly by like it was only one.  ( my hope) because the more connected you are to yourself the more timeless you become. 


I hope to include all the cues you have learned to hear from me. Muscular Energy, Organic Energy. Spiraling in and out. widening, softening.  All the things we have talked about and just enjoy being in the human body as an expression of divine energy. 


Who is offering a 2 hour class.  By  "Kick ass” I  mean  I will lift your energy. Your heart will race a bit, you will be turned upside down, inside out, stretched , strengthened.  and  loving a deep meditative savasana when it comes  remembering me afterwards, and feeling yourself all the way through.    


What a great way to end isolation.  fingers crossed." 

Léah Kline


For whom?

Whether you have attended one or more workshops or none, the workshop is suitable for everyone. You can see the workshop as a refreshment of the previous ones. But you can also see it as a yoga workshop that examines the different postures from the perspective of the spirals from the Anusara yoga and the bandhas.


What are the spirals and bandhas and how do they relate to your core? And how do you use this for poses like King Pigeon 1, 2 and 3 and Bakasana and hip openers?


Recording available in August.


€ 20.

Pay here .

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