Melanie Webb

Melanie was introduced to yoga through her older sister, one of her great examples, when she arrived in Amsterdam at the age of 17. Together with her big sister she went to a yoga class in a gym somewhere in the Jordaan. She never stopped practising.


In yoga she found the answer to the huge need for a sense of belonging and connection. The feeling of being there unconditionally has provided her in many ways with her basic needs as a human being.


During her studies at the Academy of Applied Astrology, she worked at a yoga studio in De Pijp where she  prepared food. She discovered that a professional career in astrology would take a long time and in order to support her three daughters it was time for a the next step. Fortunately, she was asked to share yoga classes. In the first place with children, for which she did a training (50+hrs) at Dolfijn wellness.


This was the beginning of a cross-pollination  between her personal growth and her professional life. She continues to study yoga science;  first at The Fat Yogi's (200+ hrs) and then at Svaha Yoga (500+ hrs). Eastern philosophy and the  psychological astrology keep fascinating her day in and day out.


She discovered that her hunger for  connection sometimes changed in pushing herself through her limits. When she developed Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2020  she has experienced for herself that a sense of real connection begins with beholding what is, through which we may discover that there is nothing to achieve and that it is an allowing. An acceptance of the Self.