Trial yoga classes

Studio Reyn is a small-scale studio and its location at the water gives it a unique character.  


Due to the small size, there is room for personal attention. Every teacher is different, each with a good education in order to guide the students well.  


Yoga is more than a physical practice. We also love that and at the same time we try to give the background and philosophy of yoga.  


Expect a nice class with music (modern music and mantras). 

To get a good idea of our classes, we offer 2 trial classes for € 17. This is valid for 2 weeks and can be obtained once. You can also buy an introductory 5-class card for €35.


Try our  different teachers and different classes; Hatha Basics Yoga for all levels or Hatha Vinyasa Yoga for more dynamic and flow (experience needed).


Check the schedule for our offer.  


If you like this, you can choose from a subcription, class card of single class.