Qi Gong - Lungs Special

Autumn is coming. It is getting colder and wetter and during this period it is extra important to take good care of ourselves: time for Self-Care. At this time of year, the lungs are central to Traditional Chinese Medicine. 


In October you can also follow a workshop and/or a 4-week Qi Gong training with a focus on the Lungs. So important in times of virus infections!


Qi Gong is part of Chinese Medicine.  In the Qi Gong practice we use slow movements, breathing, directing attention,  sounds and colors and meditation exercises to balance our bodies and energies.  No experience or prior knowledge is necessary to participate, the exercises are easy to follow.  You can relax and give the self-healing capacity of your body the chance to do its work.

Workshop Qi Gong Lungs special on October 3

In this workshop Qi Gong Lungs special, the focus is on the lungs. In addition, you also get to know

with the other organs. The program is varied, with moving, standing and sitting exercises.

The exercises work on the physical, energetic and spiritual body, which are always connected to each other.

Qi Gong 4-week training Element Lungs

After this workshop you can follow 4 classes in which extra attention is given to the Element Lungs.  

Teacher Ariëlle Brouwer is a Qi Gong Practioner, Coach and former theater maker. She was trained by Amien Ho from the WuJi Institute and Linda Bijtebier from the Academ.


The workshop is on Sunday 3 October from 14:30 - 17:30.  


The 4-week training is on the following Thursdays:

October 7, 14, 21 and 28 from 20:15 - 21:30.

(4x75 minutes)



The workshop costs € 45

The 4-week training costs € 59

If you follow the workshop and the 4-week training, you pay € 89 instead of € 104.

You can therefore also follow the workshop and 4-week training separately.


To register:

Workshop October 3, 2021

4-Week training 7/14/21/28 October 2021

For the package send an email to


The location is at Studio Reyn

Address: Zeeburgerpad 74