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Restorative Immersion with Tobias 18/3 (English)

Restorative yoga is the yoga of being and is solely focused on relaxation.

For whom?

Find your answers and translate your doubts into a clear plan for growth. Together with branding specialist Ellen Roggeveen you create your unique Yoga Bizz Mandala and you get the tools to take steps. Create your Mandala and become the yoga teacher and/or studio owner you want to be!



In this immersion we will use few postures and spend a long time in them, as we bring our bodies into a state of comfort and well-being with the help of props and bolsters. Restorative yoga reduces stress by finding the stillness within ourselves. 


Join this restorative immersion on a Sunday afternoon as we move deeper into the darker seasons and treat yourself with an afternoon of sweet relaxation.


This class is within your subscription or class card. If you do not have a membership or card, it will cost € 15. Please note that we need yourregistration, as we only have limited space available.



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