Susana Amarante Duarte

Susana has a 500h-Yoga Vinyasa Teacher Training from Svaha Yoga Amsterdam.

Her interest in quantum physics and her fascination with the body and the control of the mind brought her to Yoga, finding answers for so many questions about human existence and the nature of the soul in the study of ancient yoga teachings and practices.  

With a background as a professional dancer and choreographer her knowledge of the body is reflected in her detailed cueing throughout the class in a dynamic flow, creating a foundation for a strong awareness and understanding of the body and focus of the mind. This in combination with philosophical teachings in an honest learning environment.


Every human being has the same capacity for incredible things, the same limitless power for greatness. But for one to be able to tap into that capacity first the mind has to be still, in a state of equanimity. And that is what the Yoga practices bring – stillness of the mind. 

Whatever we do in life, however we express ourselves, whatever we create, Yoga is a tool to our full potentiality.