Yoga, massages and naturopathic therapy

Studio Reyn

Are you looking for a place to rest in your lively and sometimes hectic life?
Get off that train. We invite you to reflect on yourself.
Contact us today for an appointment.

Suzanne Reynaert
Naturopathic therapist & yoga teacher





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"If you want to experience yoga the way it is supposed to be, no matter what level you start, Studio Reyn will deliver! The teachers (at least the 5 whose classes I took) are all exceptionally well-trained and understand both the theory and practice of yoga in depth! The classes are accessible, they pay amazing attention to detail but are encouraging and not critical, so you will walk away learning a lot! And no matter whose class you take, there is a consistency in how they teach. And the atmosphere is relaxed, kind and fun. Studio Reyn completely changed how I feel about yoga practice and I really enjoyed the classes as islands of peace! You can take classes in person (with lots of care about corona rules) or online. Love that place!"