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"Suzanne is a chair massage therpapist at my office and regularly gives me deep tissue massages. Her massages are a good blend of body and mind and it's very easy to surrrender to the massage. You can also have great conversations about yoga and philosophy. A massage therapist with content for the high end client ;). Suzanne is also always working to improve her massages and greatly meets the personal needs."
Erik Vollebregt

Partner at Axon Lawyers



At Suzanne it's better than coming home. You come in, get a hug and a cup of tea and it's all about you. Then you are delighted with lots of love and warmth and you can feel that! Suzanne is not only warm but also very knowledgeable. She loves variety but you can design the treatment yourself. By working together and opening up her network to other professional body workers, she is not only very "inclusive" but also innovative. I think this is inspirational even though I do not actually use it.

Natascha Verdurmen

Strategic Communication Expert and Advisor at WCC



Over the past few years I have followed yogaclasses here and there. In these lessons I always felt a bit lost and uncomfortable in the postures. At Reyn voor Lichaam en Geest, I have found the guidance I needed. Suzanne gives good, clear instructions during the lesson, which put you in the right position step by step. She also pays attention to meditation exercises in a very grounding way and more importantly, the lessons at Suzanne are never boring !! Thanks Suzanne for the spicy but nice lessons. Always feel like reborn afterwards! Hope to learn more of you!




Suzanne is a driven and ambitious professional. She helped us with the implementation to help our employees relax in their daily work and provide workplace advice at the office. All of this in terms of greater return from our Human Resources. The objective is to reduce the short-term absenteeism and to make our employees conscious of their postures during work and to prevent stressful physical complaints. This has improved working conditions for most employees and reduced short-term default by 20%.

Ronald Rouwendaal

Manager Management and Customer Relationship at Vesteda, Amsterdam



Suzanne provides strong chair massages at our workplace. Within 20 minutes, you are relaxed and flexible. She also advises you well about your workplace so that you are ready for an active and relaxed work week. In addition, it is always fun if Suzanne is present because of her happy appearance.

Ilse van Dijke

Managing Director at Accountancy Amstel in Amsterdam




Suzanne and her team achieved an excellent result during the Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar Amsterdam. Her professionalism, commitment and interaction with the visitors / clients distinguishes her (and her team) from the rest. We from Brasza (co-organization of the seminar) would like to thank her and her team for the excellent result and will definitely cooperate more and more in future!

Angar Barekzoy

Owner Brasza in Rotterdam



To quote Tina Turner: "Simply the best, better than all the rest!"

Suzanne is a true professional, amazing spirit, human-oriented person and develops herself in the right business. Her company is getting stronger because of its impeccable service and ability to coach, grow and get away from the daily life, to prepare you for ALL challenges in life!

I highly recommend her!

Martin Johnston




It is hard to summerize in a few words how it is to be taken care of at work between the busy appointments. That's something you need to experience. From Suzanne's chair massage I was able to relax. She does it with care and attention, you can be completely there, nothing is needed. The effect is rest and a satisfied feeling. After that you can relax at work or go home again to enjoy.

José Pappot

Trainer / job coach at GGZ in Geest, Amsterdam



A relaxation gift is Suzanne's massage. The massage is balanced, starting with a warming up and immersion to the points on your body that need a stimulus to be loosened up. Kind of a shower for the muscles in your body, the places that are massaged are moving again. Treat yourself! THANK YOU for the benefit,

Sabine van der Eijk



Suzanne's talent for massaging is professional and she gives full attention and focus on her work. In addition she always creates a perfect atmosphere in her working environment, which leads to optimal relaxation.

Carol-Anthony le Duc



What struck me during our regular coaching sessions is Suzanne's talent to always ask the right question at the right moment. She also offers a lot of openness and space to make you feel safe and to find your own way and answers. I enjoy and learn a lot of the whole process and would certainly recommend Suzanne as a therapist.




Because I feel tired of my back and arms, a chair massage is ideal. Knots are always discovered and taken away. I also get tips on stretching. I'm very fortunate and always look forward to Tuesday afternoon. Thanks again for this session!




Had a good massage this afternoon. I have to say that during this massage the lights went off, I want to say that this massage is so relaxing that I can finally sit down and enjoy it. Go ahead and see you soon.


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