Safety precautions:

For your and our safety, we must stick to the protocol drawn up for this:

  • There is a 45 minute break between appointments. Here we clean everything (table, door handles, railings, toilet, etc.) and air the space. As a result, customers have as little contact as possible with each other. So we will plan/work more tightly.

  • Preferably bring your own fitted sheet and 2 large towels.

  • Take as little stuff as possible and put as much as possible in your bag or jacket pocket.

  • Wash hands on arrival, after visiting the toilet and sneezing/coughing.

  • Treatments must be settled afterwards by PIN.



Despite all the precautions taken, the chance, however small, remains that you will become infected in practice or on the way here. By making the appointment you agree to this risk.

During treatments and consultations

To make the session run as smoothly as possible, I use a number of conditions. If you make an appointment, I assume that you have read and agree to these terms and conditions. You must sign these conditions at your first appointment as having been seen and approved.

  1. The Naturopathic Therapist is obliged to act in accordance with the regulations of the professional association.

  2. The client/patient undertakes to provide the Naturopathic Therapist with relevant information by means of the intake and anamnesis form.

  3. The client/patient has the right to inspect their own file.

  4. The client/patient undertakes to cancel an appointment in time (at least 24 hours in advance), otherwise the costs of the reserved time will be charged.

  5. The Naturopathic Therapist undertakes to provide information regarding the treatment to the client/patient in all phases of the treatment.

  6. The Naturopathic Therapist will observe secrecy with regard to the information provided by the client/patient for the purpose of the file. When the practice is visited, inspection is given to the contents of the file to check whether all data has been properly recorded, the personal details are then taped or made unrecognizable to the visitator.

  7. The Naturopathic Therapist is not allowed to perform certain treatments or treatments without the permission of the client/patient.

  8. The Naturopathic Therapist undertakes to place an up-to-date list of rates visibly in the practice.

  9. The Naturopathic Therapist undertakes to correctly refer the client/patient to a fellow therapist or a doctor if his treatment is not appropriate and/or sufficient.

  10. The Naturopathic Therapist is obliged to have professional liability insurance.

  11. Termination of the treatment can be done by mutual consent at any time.

  12. If the requester no longer appreciates or considers it necessary to continue the agreement, he can terminate it unilaterally.

  13. If the requester terminates the agreement against the advice of the Naturopathic Therapist, the requester will, at the request of the Naturopathic Therapist, sign a statement in which he indicates that he will, against the advice of the Naturopathic Therapist, at his own risk, carry out the research or has ended the treatment prematurely.

  14. The Naturopathic Therapist can only terminate the agreement unilaterally, stating reasons, if it cannot reasonably be expected of him to continue the agreement.

  15. The Naturopathic Therapist will continue to provide help and advice in such a situation, until the requester has been able to conclude an agreement with another care provider.

  16. Payment method for the treatments is per PIN. You will receive the invoice digitally.

  17. The Naturopathic Therapist has an affiliation with a disputes committee, so that it meets the requirement as now made mandatory by the Wkkgz (Quality, Complaints and Disputes Care Act). You can download the regulations belonging to the Disputes Committee to which it is affiliated via the link. Rules of the Disputes Committee . If you have a complaint, first report it to the professional association that will start a mediation process. If this does not provide a satisfactory solution, your complaint will be reported to the Disputes Committee.


When participating in yoga classes

Studio Reyn is not liable for:

  1. Physical and / or mental complaints, arising before, during, or after a lesson or workshop.

  2. Damaged, stolen, lost or abandoned property.

  3. Studio Reyn assumes that you have accurately reported all necessary information that may be important for a safe and healthy practice of the yoga exercises.

  4. You take full responsibility for all risks, injuries or damage, known or unknown, that you may incur as a result of participating in Studio Reyn's classes.

  5. You hereby fully consciously, voluntarily and expressly suspend all requirements with regard to Studio Reyn and with regard to injuries and / or damage that you may incur as a result of participation in the classes.

  6. If you want to cancel a class, don't forget to cancel at least 24 hours in advance. This gives others the opportunity to reserve this place.