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Reyn Retreat

Do you want to get away from the hustle and bustle and stress and do you need a lot of me-time with yoga, massages, breathing program, ceremonies, meditation and coaching in a beautiful and inspiring environment?

Then the Reyn Retreat in Ibiza may be your refuge to yourself, with yourself and for yourself.

Imagine the following: a beautiful old finca near the beach, with wonderful corners to read a book, relax, with a swimming pool to dive into before or after your yoga class, a massage or coaching of your choice and lots of me-time. Do you like this?

For whom?

For everyone who needs relaxation and yoga. Suitable for all levels.



May 26 to 31, 2024




• 5 x Overnight stay

• Yoga classes

• Ceremony

• 1 x Massage or coaching, multiple sessions can be booked

• Meditation, Yoga Nidra

• Breathing program

• Vegetarian breakfast and dinner

• Lots of space and time to explore the island or relax in and around the finca



Not included:

• Airline ticket

• Travel and cancellation insurance

• Car rental



Would you have liked to be there?

Send an email to and we keep you updated on the next retreat.



Studio Reyn was founded 15 years ago by Suzanne. ​ Before that, she worked in business services, where she just couldn't settle. After many jobs, a coaching program and the diagnosis of ADHD, she discovered that she wanted to work more with the body. ​


She changed course and started a body-oriented coaching course. In addition to coaching, she learned relaxation and breathing techniques and various massages. Finally something that made her happy! ​


A few years later she started an intensive yoga training at Svaha Yoga and her company has now grown into a studio for yoga, coaching, therapy and massages that many people in Eastern Amsterdam and the surrounding area find their way to.

Kelly is a Yin Yoga teacher. When she experienced the healing power and all the benefits of yoga, she knew she couldn't keep it to herself.

Yin Yoga allows us to slow down, balances our busy lives, connects and nourishes our body, mind and soul.

Her teachings are inspired by her ongoing study of yoga philosophy, Buddhist teachings, traditional Chinese medicine, the chakra energy system, meridian lines and of course: lots of self-exploration.

She shares classes ranging from deepening and meditative Yin exercises (sometimes concluded with Yoga Nidra) to more energetic classes, adding some flow and Yang movements.

After working for years as an editor for Men's Health and FHM, Lauri decided after attending a weekend retreat that she wanted to organize retreats herself. ​


She started with a Yin Yoga teacher training, because she believes this is the most therapeutic form of yoga. Yin Yoga helped her get through a deep depression caused by grief. If only she had known about the breath and the parasympathetic nervous system earlier. Why doesn't everyone have this knowledge?


As an Aquarius, she likes to share everything she has learned and her journey through the yoga training landscape continues. She now lives with her partner on Ibiza and gives retreats, cacao ceremonies, Reiki and Yin Yoga.

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