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Naturopathic therapy

For whom?
Suzanne Reynaert is a naturopathic therapist. Together with the client, she makes a treatment plan to restore balance. For this she uses different methods such as body-oriented therapy, massage therapy, relaxation techniques and breathing techniques, mindfulness and yoga.

You may be eligible for reimbursement from the additional healthcare insurance. Check this with your insurer.

The treatments are not a replacement for regular treatments, but can be used complementary.

Her form of naturopathic therapy is applicable to various physical and/or emotional complaints such as:

  • Stress

  • Fear

  • Gloomy feelings

  • Unrest

  • Fatigue

  • Sleeping problems

  • Little focus

  • Not feeling well

  • Backache

  • Neck pain

  • Shoulder pain

  • Pain in the hips

Suzanne has a holistic approach.

Holism (Greek: holon: the whole) is the idea that the properties of a system (physical, psychological, emotional, social, spiritual, etc.) cannot be explained by taking the sum of its components alone.

Together with you she examines your physical, emotional, social and spiritual sides. She guides you in achieving your goals and gives you different techniques to feel better about yourself.

Being comfortable in your own skin means balance on both a physical and mental level. By aligning and connecting your body and mind, you become more balanced.

Depending on the need, a consultation can consist of a coaching session/body-oriented techniques, making a nutrition and exercise plan, breathing/relaxation techniques or massage therapy. She works according to de 5 nature-oriented principles.

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