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How do you make your organization attractive to (potential) employees?

Distinguish yourself as a company by offering more than just an ergonomic workplace. Provide a vitalizing and inspiring environment.

Studio Reyn also offers on-site coaching, chair massages and yoga.

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Some reviews:

Suzanne is an engaging and helpful yoga instructor, she is someone I have found to be easy to follow and provides lovely to support to people of all levels. I've enjoyed taking Suzanne's classes in a personal capacity and she was very flexible in teaching at my company also. I would definitely recommend Suzanne for yoga instructing.

Whitney Watson

People & Culture Manager at Fastned


Suzanne is a chair masseuse in my office and regularly gives me deep tissue massages. Her massages are a very good blend of body and mind and it is very easy to completely surrender to the massage. And you can also have great substantive conversations about yoga and philosophy. A massage therapist with content for the high-end customer ;-). Suzanne is also always trying to improve her massages and tailors them very well to personal needs.
Eric Vollebregt

Partner at Axon Lawyers


Suzanne is a passionate and ambitious professional. She helped us with the implementation and execution to relax our employees more in their daily work and provide workplace advice at the office. All this in the context of getting more return from our Human Resources. The objective is to reduce short-term absenteeism and to make our employees aware of their work posture and to prevent stress-causing physical complaints. As a result, the work posture of most employees has improved and short-term absenteeism has been reduced by 20%.

Ronald Rouwendaal

Manager Management and Customer Relationship at Vesteda, Amsterdam


Suzanne gives firm chair massages at the workplace. Within 20 minutes you are wonderfully relaxed and flexible again. She also gives good advice about your workplace so that everything is ready for an active and relaxed working week. In addition, it is always nice when Suzanne is present by her cheerful appearance.

Ilse van Dyke


Managing Director at Accountancy Amstel in Amsterdam

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