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                                                   As from January 1, 2024 

Naturopathic therapy

60 minutes                                €85
90 minutes                                €105
120 minutes                              €150

Relaxation massage
60 minutes                                €85
90 minutes                                €105
120 minutes                               €150

Deep Tissue Massage
60 minutes                                €85
90 minutes.                               €105
120 minutes                              €150


Coaching program

We will look at your request for help through an intake. If we decide to start a process, we start with a 3-months' program, during which we have an appointment every 2 weeks. Each follow-up process takes another 3 months.

For more information, see


Ride card

A massage every month? Buy a 12-ride card and pay for 11 treatments.

Book your first treatment and indicate that you want a ride card. Online booking is not possible.



To be eligible for reimbursement, you must have an additional insurance. In addition, the amounts and the maximum reimbursement per year also vary per insurer. Check this yourself with your insurer.


Please note: reimbursements only apply to naturopathic therapy and other psychosocial therapy. Not for yoga or massages.

Suzanne Reynaert is affiliated with BATC.

For the rates of our yoga classes, class cards and subscriptions, click here.

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