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Suzanne Reynaert

After 2 different studies, a year of working at the Albert Cuyp market and various jobs in the business world, Suzanne ended up in a coaching program with the question: "What do I want". With the diagnosis of ADHD and the use of Ritalin, she strongly felt the choice: Do I want to be structured, fit in with society and depressed or do I prefer to be chaotic and cheerful? A deeper layer was touched and she came to the question "who am I".


She started the study WellnessCoaching / Holistic Coaching and this felt as a choice from her own heart. During her study she began her own company and started with chair massages on the Amsterdam city beach Blijburg. From there she set up her own practice for naturopathic therapy, coaching and massages.


When asked by clients what she did as sports or exercise, she referred them to her yoga school Svaha Yoga, where she finally followed the 500-hour teacher training herself. With this, Studio Reyn also became a yoga studio. With Studio Reyn, Suzanne works passionately and puts her authentic self into it. As Ram Dass says, "I can do nothing for you but work on myself ... You can do nothing for me but work on yourself."