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After 2 sold-out editions of Avi Adir's concerts and workshops in our studio, we are happy to welcome him again: on Friday 19 May for a concert and on Sunday 21 May for a voice activation circle.


Twelve years ago, Avi, an internationally well known musician, composer, songwriter and performer, since very young age, started facilitating vocal activation workshops and drums-singing circles, sharing his unique way of singing. Our voice is a tool and language apart from the verbal one we are so used to, and when we sing together, we are literally physically connected through waves vibrations all as one.


During the workshop, Avi will share with you the powerful breathing techniques he developed to control his voice and synchronise it with the breath of life, enabling free expression.


We will sing from our hearts and practice tonality and rhythm to enable our voice to dance in a more authentic and rooted flow. 

For whom?

This is an open-level workshop. No experience in singing or playing an instrument is required.


The concert is on Friday May 19 from 8:00.

On Sunday 21 May 2023 from 13:00-17:00 is the workshop Free your authentic voice.


The costs for the concert are € 30. 

The costs for the workshop are € 60. 

For a combination ticket (concert and workshop) you pay €80 instead of €90.

Buy your ticket here.

Avi Adir in Amsterdam May 2023

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