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Avi Adir and Atmani's shared passion for ethnic and experimental meditation music has led them on a journey of creative exploration, pushing boundaries and experimenting with new sounds and rhythms. Their long-standing friendship has served as the foundation for a beautiful musical partnership, where each artist's unique talents and perspectives are brought to the forefront.


Avi Adir's music blends composition and improvisation, connecting deeply with the vibrations of the world. With a fusion of ancient Sufi spirit and divine inspiration, his music creates a mystical journey for the listener. Through his authentic voice and diverse instruments, Avi transports his audience to celestial realms, inspiring creativity and touching the soul. With decades of experience, his concerts are a holistic experience, from concert halls to spiritual events.


Atmani, a skilled producer and sound designer, complements Avi's instrumental expertise with his keen ear for electronic and contemporary music. Together, they fuse ancient sounds with modern technology, resulting in a sound that is both timeless and fresh. Their collaboration results in an immersive sound experience that takes listeners on a journey through many colors and textures, drawing from diverse musical traditions from all corners of the globe. Their music has a meditative quality, inviting listeners to relax and become fully immersed in the soundscapes they create.

For whom?

For everyone. 


On Saturday 2 September from 20:00 - 22:00.


The costs for the concert are € 30. 

Buy your ticket here.

Concert Avi Adir & Atmani

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