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Rachel Getrouw

Yin and Yang, the pillars of Taoism, are very typical for Rachel as a person, but also for her as a yoga teacher. On the one hand she is calm and spiritual, on the other hand very driven and analytical. She tries to achieve the balance between Yin and Yang every day and she takes that same goal with her and transfers it into her yoga classes.


She started practicing yoga more than 15 years ago. Alternating regularly and sporadically, and has tried out different styles. Curious about the why behind the euphoric feeling she gets from her yoga practice, she started her first yoga teacher training in 2013. More followed after that, and she continues to deepen and retrain.


In 2014 she started teaching, and she noticed that it brought a lot of satisfaction. Over the years, as she began to delve more and more into the "quiet" forms of Yoga (Yin and Restorative), she increasingly emphasized the importance of these forms. These offer a good counterbalance in the daily, often quite hectic life. So where as a student she practices both yin and yang yoga, she now focuses on Yin and Restorative Yoga as a teacher.

She still doesn't know the why behind the euphoric feeling, but she has learned so much more about yoga philosophy, the Eightfold Path and the way that Buddha prescribes for us. 

This attitude to life appeals to her and gives her guidance and direction in her life.

And she would like to pass this on to the students of her classes!

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