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Halle 'Homegirl' Becker Charity Yoga Class for DOA

During the lockdown, Suzanne ended up on Instagram with Halle "Homegirl" Becker, Yogateacher truth teller mama retreat rocker.

Straightforward, funny and honest. During her challenging yoga classes she shares her own life experiences and is therefore an open book and loud preacher. Check it out!


Halle has been spreading her sweat and surrender gospel on yoga mats and soul bikes for over 15 years and was named the most popular yoga teacher in NYC. Her SoulCycle classes have a devoted following of celebrities and NYC influencers all looking to get their dose of sweat and rock & roll.


She is coming to Europe and Amsterdam with her beautiful daughter Maya!



We at Studio Reyn are honored that she will turn the studio upside down for an hour of Sweet & Surrender yoga class.

The proceeds go to DOA, the Amsterdam Animal Shelter Foundation. 

For whom?

For everyone who is in for a spicy and dynamic yoga class.



Thursday May 18 from 18:15 - 19:15



Book your ticket here.

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