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Tobias Oeckler


Early on, Tobias found his interest in Indian music and philosophy, upon discovering his love for the Beatles and their Indian side in particular. Yet, it would take quite a journey to get to the point and to move forward to yoga.


After living in different places and countries over the years, he ended up living in Amsterdam, where he was happy to be surrounded by a variety of yoga studios and styles. It is here that he deepened his knowledge and understanding through regular yoga practise, accompanied by Indian philosophy and chanting mantras.


A few office jobs and life crises later he started a teacher training and deeply fell in love with the transforming power of yoga. Now he stands on the other side of a class, happy to share his knowledge, experience and love for the practise.


Being a singer-songwriter off the mat, Tobias takes you on a musical journey in his hatha vinyasa classes, and makes you smile through well aligned  postures and breath flowing sequences with occasional jokes. Besides the physically more demanding vinyasa style, he also teaches restorative, the yoga of being.

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