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For treatments and consultations


To make the session smooth, I apply a number of conditions. If you make an appointment, I assume you have read and agree these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions should be signed upon your first appointment as being seen and agreed.

The BATC Natural Therapist is kept to act in accordance with BATC regulations.

The client / patient is obliged to provide relevant information to the BATC Natural Therapist by means of the intake and history form.

The client / patient has the right to access his own file.

The client / patient is obliged to terminate an appointment in advance (at least 24 hours in advance), otherwise the costs of the reserved time will be charged.

The BATC Natural Therapist undertakes to provide information regarding the treatment to the client / patient at all stages of the treatment.

The BATC Natural Therapist will maintain confidentiality with respect to the patient / patient's data-related data. During the visitation of practice, the contents of the file will be inspected to check whether all data is well recorded, the personalities are then patched or unrecognized to the Visitor.

The BATC Natural Therapist may not perform certain (b) procedures without the consent of the client / patient.

The BATC Natural Therapist has to show a current tariff list visible in practice.

The BATC Natural Therapist undertakes to correct the client / patient correctly by referring to a collegue therapist or doctor if his treatment is inadequate and / or adequate.

The BATC Natural Therapist is obliged to have professional liability insurance.

Termination of treatment may take place at any time with mutual agreement.

If the helper no longer considers the continuation of the agreement or considers it necessary, he may terminate it unilaterally.

If the counselor terminates the agreement with the advice of the BATC Natural Therapist, the assistant will, at the request of the BATC Natural Therapist, sign a statement stating that he is in agreement with the advice of the BATC Natural Therapist, at his own risk, the examination or treatment has ended prematurely.

The BATC Natural Therapist can only terminate the agreement on the sole discretion of arguments if it can not reasonably be expected from him to continue the agreement.

The BATC Natural Therapist will continue to provide assistance and advice in such a situation until the helper has reached an agreement with another healthcare provider.

Payment method of treatment is done by PIN. You will receive the invoice digitally.

The BATC Natural Therapist has a connection with a disputes committee that complies with the requirement as required by the Wkkgz (Law Quality, Complaints and Disputes Care). The registry belonging to the Disputes Commission with which it is connected can be downloaded from the link. Rules of Procedure Disputes. If you have a complaint, first report it to the BATC that will start a mediation process. If this does not provide a satisfactory solution, your complaint will be reported to the Disputes Committee.



When participating in yoga classes


Reyn voor Lichaam en Geest is not liable for:

Physical and / or mental complaints, occurring before, during, or after a lesson or workshop.

Damaged, stolen, lost or left property.

Reyn voor Lichaam en Geest that you have accurately reported all the necessary information that may be important for a safe and healthy exercise of yoga exercises.

You take full account of all risks, injuries or damages, known or unknown, which you may incur as a result of participation in Reyn voor Lichaam en Geest lessons.

You hereby abide by these fully aware, voluntarily and explicitly all requirements regarding Reyn voor Lichaam en Geest and injuries and / or damages that you may incur as a result of participation in the classes.

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