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Breathing Circle with Evelyn en Suzanne

Connected breathing, also known as connected breathing or holotropic breathing, is a breathing technique used in various forms of breathwork and respiratory therapy.


With this conscious breathing we connect inhalation and exhalation together without pauses between inhalation and exhalation. This means that the breathing forms a smooth, connected cycle, without interruptions. Consciously connected breathing is a powerful practice to release emotional tension, reduce stress and increase awareness. It is used for a deeper promote connection with the body and the self. Connected breathing takes you out the head and in your body. Long-held tension and stress can be released and the energy can flow freely through the body again.


During the class we will do a number of rounds of consciously connected breathing together and end with a longer savasana.


In addition to her work in youth care, Evelyn works as a breathing coach and trainer, and Reiki Master. The breath is a medicine that can increase natural recovery and balance within ourselves. Our breath is an anchor that we can always fall back on for rest and recovery, but also for energy and strength. During the connected breathing class, Evelyn would like to introduce you to or reconnect with the magic of our breath and breathing your inner strength. Because everyone already possesses this power! ​


Suzanne is a therapist and yoga teacher. In 2011 she obtained her Wellness Coaching diploma (now Holistic Coach), in which Breathwork was a major component. ​ Together, Evelyn and Suzanne lovingly hold the space open for everyone.

For whom?

This breathing circle is not recommended for people with epilepsy, heart problems, high blood pressure, PTSD or psychosis, pregnancy and recent surgeries. It is always wise for practices as connected breathing or other intensive breathing techniques, to seek advice from a medical professional professional, especially if there is an existing medical condition.


Saturday May 18th from 14:00 - 16:00.


The cost for this breathing circle are € 50.

Buy your ticket here.

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