Jamila Kluvers

The first time Jamila stepped on the mat was during her teenage years with her mum. She does not remember much, apart from the feeling that everyone seemed to be completely happy being there.

A few years later, while travelling the world with her sister, Jamila liked going to yoga classes somewhere on a beach. To have a good stretch and enjoy the blissful feeling it gave afterwards.

It wasn’t until 2016 that yoga increasingly got a more central role in her personal life.

During Jamila’s first Vipassana experience in Bali, she realized meditation was something she grew up with: Her mum always helped to meditate the pain away and when she was feeling nervous Jamila instinctly knew movement and breathwork would help to calm her down. Nevertheless meditation is the most challenging practice!

Having a strong mind, Ashtanga Vinyasa was the first physical practice that really spoke to her. In 2018 Jamila finished her 200 hours- Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher training in Goa, India. Arriving back in Amsterdam, she initiated as a Karma yogi at Svaha Amsterdam. Soon after she begun and completed their 500 hours' teacher training. Still very much at the beginning of her own journey, Jamila would like to share the great teachings yoga can bring to one's life. Starting with a delicious and maybe even challenging practice on the mat.