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Yoga Basics Course

Do you want to start yoga (again)? And you don't know where and how? Perhaps the Yoga Basics Course by Studio Reyn is something for you; with this you lay the foundation for yoga, which is more than just the physical practice. Right now is a good time to start with this. Our Hatha Basics yoga classes are for all levels and with the 5-class card you can book it yourself. By means of the enclosed English videos you can continue to practice. And the Ebook is a reference book where you can read back the postures and some philosophy.


For whom?

Whether you are a beginner or experienced, this course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn the basic postures, background of yoga, breathing and meditation.


* 10 videos (English) worth € 59

* Intro 5-class card worth € 35

* Ebook

The previous course got an average of 8,75!

Comments from previous participants:

Lots of energy, humour, makes things simple.

Very nice; attention to individuals; a lot of knowledge.

Relaxed way of transferring knowledge.


The package has a total value of €94

You now only pay € 59 for the entire package. Please note, this is the price for 2022.

Buy the course here.

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