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Gong bath by YslashY

Making sounds to experience the silence. That is the motto of YslashY. On Sunday April 21 she will do this with the help of large gongs. Gongs are overwhelming instruments. There is no escape. Even when played tenderly and softly, they penetrate deep into body, mind and soul. The vibrations of gongs have a purifying effect, which is why attending a gong concert is also called a gong bath.


They are instruments with a magical effect, the sounds vibrate through the body and these vibrations cause the cells in the body to move. What is stuck vibrates loose and starts moving. In this way, old pain and waste can be released and leave the body. In addition, the vibrations also take you on a magical journey through the world of soul and spirit. Because that is the magic: these large gongs with their impressive sound also produce silence. Silence and tranquility. And with it also peace in the soul. ​


This evening YslashY will use two WindGongs. Gongs that make the sun vibrate in your heart. Gongs that fill the soul with energy. Gongs that let the mind enjoy the NOW for a moment. ​


 YslashY is the phonetic representation of Y/Y which refers to the Yin Yang symbol and is about balance. Balance is necessary. Life is fast and busy enough, so it is important to also seek peace and quiet. YslashY offers this peace and quiet through tranquil sound concerts. ​


YslashY is a collaboration between Rachel Getrouw - YogaTeacher and George Mensink -KlankKunstenaar.


YslashY Sound Magicians

Where sounds meet silence, creating peace of mind, serving lust for life ​


For whom?

For everyone. ​



Sunday April 21 from 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM. ​



The costs for this gong bath are €30.

Buy your ticket here.

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