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Sound Journey through the Elements

YslashY wants to introduce her audience to the magic of sounds. She wants the participant to feel how tranquil and beneficial her sounds are. Sounds that place you in the here and now and act on the body through their purifying vibration.


Tonight YslashY takes you on a journey through the four elements. A journey through the Fire that plants the seed of love, the Water that nourishes this seed by letting love flow, the Air that makes love breathe and the Earth that gives love solid ground.

YslashY is a collaboration between sound therapist George Mensink and yoga teacher Rachel Getrouw, who together discovered the power and magic of sound. Together they provide sound journeys with the aim of relaxing and finding the silence within yourself.

On April 2, they will take you on a journey through the four elements with sounds that also feed the life energy. YslashY is inspired by the experiences with sound and sound she has gained in the Tropical Rainforest, the sacred places of Scandinavia and in
The Netherlands. The knowledge and experiences that YslashY has gained on her adventures and encounters will find their way into the healing sounds that YslashY will perform.

For whom?

For everyone.


Sunday 2 April from 20:00 - 21:00



Tickets for the sound journey can be found here.

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