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Angracia Tjoe Ny

Sport and exercise have always occupied an important place in Angracia's life. From earliest childhood she was always very active. She did ballet, jazz ballet, tennis and played basketball at the highest level, performing for the national youth team in her teens.


As an adult she initially shifted her focus to aerobics and fitness. She regularly won the title of Miss Fitness and became an aerobics and fitness instructor.


Angracia kept looking for new challenges, from go-go dancing to kickboxing to salsa dancing. As well as yoga and Pilates, because deepening is also a challenge, and wisdom comes with age. That is how she eventually ended up with Gert van Leeuwen and his Critical Alignment Yoga. Because it helped her so well with her chronic complaints, she decided to do the teacher training programme.


She integrates all of the knowledge she has gained in her work as (personal) trainer: ‘Little is more gratifying and rewarding than seeing how clients can undergo mental breakthroughs through  sports and mindful exercise, making them more self-assured, healthier, more powerful in life and able to cope with more.’


Critical Alignment Yoga gave her such fundamental insights into the connections in the body in movement and posture, the essence of breathing, a meditative mindset and developing body awareness that no lesson she teaches is conceivable for her without the integration of those elements.


Until now, Angracia has always given CAY as a substitute teacher at different locations and she is very happy to start giving regular classes at Studio Reyn.

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