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Avi Adir in Amsterdam 2023

Having seen and traveled the world Avi Adir has been inspired by its vibration. Loosened from identification to any nation or country, his music arises from the core, an ancient Sufi spiritual blend into a divine connection with a deep emotional expression. His forte is to create a genuine experience sharing a fusion of composition and improvisation at the same time.

Conducting into a mystical sphere, a gateway opens and grants to excite the mind by entering the path of the soul and the heart. Avi Adir’s majestic usage of authentic voice emphasizes his sensitive assembly. He carries the listener into a celestial realm. Connecting middle-east acoustics far over to the classical east and ancient western roots onwards to the pure channel of existence. A magnificent free-flow sound garden to touch and inspire the audience in their own creativity and musicality builds up as the multi-instrumentalist shares the natural love to sing and dance.



On January 6 2023 there is a concert where Avi takes you on a musical journey with his enchanting voice and various musical instruments.

There are many ways and methods that can help us to get in touch with our creative nature and with our feeling of coming home. Singing has always been Avi's favorite one.  

Voice and dance are our primary expressive tools. Vocalizing sounds and melodies is a deep soul and body experience. When we sing we naturally practice breath control, creating a healing breathing pattern to arise inside. Using our authentic voice while singing is another way to tune in to our true-self. Our voice expresses a very deep vibration within us, and listening to our voice while singing allows us to recognize our state of being on several different levels.

Free your Authentic Voice offers different ways and techniques of breathing to strengthen the experience of our true nature. It can help us to open our voice, bring power into it and use it for heart opening, healing and for the joy of a spiritual musical journey. 

It is a very deep process of opening up, in which Avi will share different ways to create a musical space for singing and for musical improvisation (the composition of music while simultaneously singing or playing an instrument). We will focus on body life energy through natural breath work, voice and tonality, and we will look at our ability to catch a musical flow and fly. 

This creative process is a spiritual path. The adventure is about us, about the deep self, the composer in all of us. It is about originality, about discovering and surfacing what lies fully and originally within ourselves.

For whom?

This is an open level workshop. Experience with singing or playing an instrument is not required.


The concert will take place on Friday Januari 6  from 20:00.

The workshop Free your authentic voice is on Sunday January 8 from 13:00-17:00.


The costs for the concert are € 25. 

The costs for the workshop are € 45. 

For a combination ticket (concert and workshop) you pay € 60 instead of € 70.

Buy your ticket here .

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