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Cacao Ceremony by Maike van Ees

Welcome your soul home by loving every part of your physical form. Embodiment by truly seeing yourself, feeling yourself, honoring and accepting all of yourself, in trust of the unconditional power of (our) love.

Be welcome to this magical afternoon in which cacao, body and energy work enrich each other for clear feeling in yourself, feeling in your body, to open further into the deeper layers of your subconscious and higher wisdom. To feel into where you stand and what you wish for yourself to arise (and go). To open up to the universal playing field with each other.

  • Cacao sharing ritual

  • Self care and loving togetherness

  • From your head to heart connection

  • Conscious (body) connecting and grounding

  • Deep Meditation Journey & energy healing

  • Clarity, Self Love & insight – what is correct and what is not? 

  • Introspection, intention and rituals

  • Let go

  • Male/female energy harmony

  • High frequency programming “Light particles”

  • Feel your potential and open the magic of your heart!



Cacao is known as a natural heart opener. She is a plant medicine that helps us to sink from the head into the wisdom of our body, to ground and at the same time open to the universal energy of love. Generate clarity for life from our hearts. 

She gives us the reminder that what really matters is important to us; fullfilling for our soul. It gives us the memory of who or what we really are; the essence of our soul.

A relaxed body is receptive to refute patterns and increase in frequency. A free heart flow heals fear (control) for the release of energetic stagnations.

Click here for more information about the gentle and healing power of cacao.



During the ceremony, Maike guides you in a journey in which her words and energy speak directly to your soul. The so-called language of light flows in many forms. Sometimes in earthly words, made accessible to the mind and charged in high frequency (she calls them light particles), but also unspoken through movement, thoughts, sound, light words or purely in consciousness energy. During our cacao journey, she responds to the energy of the group and what the moment demands.


Being in your body, because that's where we experience 'it'. Our body as a sensational whole. The house of the soul. 

It is our job to give our souls a safe home so that we can live freely, follow our joy, separate from mind voices and child patterns. Your home is not in other dimensions, that is not the earth, is not in other people or the external material, your home is the body that has been given to you in this life. Precisely tailored to you, your gifts, your medicine, that which comes naturally and you are meant to share in the world. 

Cacao as medicine and the practice of embodiment brings us to those parts where we do not yet fully embody our soul, and therefore cannot fully experience life in connection.


The energy of love and open heart presence break old patterns and (ancestral) layers and transform into the free joy energy of your potential. There is a vibrant match with the universe and its magic. Feel safe and supported. Abundantly experienced and receptive to all the light that your soul's path offers you. 

About Maike and her personal cacao journey


Maike, energetic bodyworker and healer, accompanies the cacao ceremonies at Studio Reyn. Here you can read more about what she shares in the world:, and below her personal relationship with the cacao medicine. 


In my personal journey, the spirit of cacao guides me to soften again and again in my body and my Being. Cacao has assisted me in bringing harmony, clarity and healing to my personal soul-pieces related to dignity, intimacy, self-acceptance, feminine & male energy harmony, my relationship with food...


She helps me dance with my body. To feel deeply and to be one. Letting down all walls and layers of protection and feeling myself peaceful and calm in all that wants to arise and go right now. 


She encourages me to show vulnerability, to be compassionate, to always return to the free flow no matter how much something in me wants to cramp. To trust deeply that the universal wisdom and truth guides me unconditionally through my heart and intuition. 


She encourages me to experience joy. Curious to explore and love to be.

She makes me see and feel deeply.

She keeps me there.

I feel so grateful to share the spirit of cacao with you in this unconditional flow of love. To connect by going into ceremony with each other. To guide you to soften your shield, align your energy so that you open into your vulnerable purity and clarity. To ground universal love in your body and grow from your heart in your divine power of creation. To come home and be at home. 


Looking forward to meeting you! 

Love Maike 

For whom?

For everyone. 


Sunday 5 November from 3:30 pm - 18:30.

Sunday 17 December from 15:30 - 18:30.


The costs for this ceremony are € 59. 

Buy your ticket here.

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