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In the past, the professional associations produced an annual overview of the reimbursements of health insurers. Today, with more than 100 additional health insurance policies, this has not proved feasible. Health insurance policies also contain many uncertainties and the conditions for each insurance policy change.


Health insurers are also cutting back considerably on alternative health care. Visit the Zorgwijzer for more information.


What can you do to inform yourself?

View multiple comparison sites to see which is the cheapest and most complete health insurer for you. If you have made a choice, e-mail the health insurer with the question whether you are eligible for reimbursement with your additional insurance policy if you receive treatment by the therapist and ask for written proof. Give the AGB-code in an e-mail to the health care provider.


Suzanne Reynaert ( BATC ):
AGB code: 90045746


CZ Groep reimburses, among other things, other psychosocial therapy, hypnotherapy.

Achmea Groep reimburses eg energetic therapy, other Eastern medicine, other psychosocial therapy, hypnotherapy.

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